TLC MilliMeter Wave Products Include:

MINT Chip & Linear Phase Shifter

TLC’s core technology is the patented and proprietary MINT chip and linear phase shifter, manufactured in house. When combined the MINT chip and LPS provide the front end for high band mmWave communications.

5 MHz – 100+ GHz Operation
10+ Gb Tunable Bandwidth
10-50+ Gbps Data Rates


Manufactured In House

Designed To Custom Specifications

Solutions for both commercial and government applications 


TLC’s manufacturing capabilities include a state-of-the-art certified cleanroom for sub-quarter micron MMIC fabrication. The company maintains a quality control process for its products that has met or exceeds military qualification standard 45208 and NASA control standards.

This is only a partial list of available TLC MMIC's in production:

TLC Part NumberDescriptionFrequency, Gain, Power
Advanced MMIC Transceivers
TLCMINT11-100 seriesMiniature Transceiver Chip (FMCW,
Superheterodyne, Pulse) On-chip tuning
11-100 GHz tunable T/R MMIC
TLC X- to W-Band Micro-Antennas
(circular polarized micro antenna)
Microantenna micrstrip/waveguide integration through W-Band>25dBi array for X to W band (10 to 95 GHz series)
Modules / Transceivers / Antennas
TLCLNA6094M series25-30 dB Gain LNA Modules58 - 94 GHz, > 18 dB gain
TLCSM30-40+,50- 65, 71-97Ka to W-Band Source Modules30-40+, 50-65, 71-97GHz
TLCCMD2480Ka to W-band custom Modules
(up&dn conv,Transmit, Receivers)
18 -100 GHz MMIC Modules
TLC 60XS,77XS or TLC60-77XMTSingle or Multi-channel 60 & 77 GHz
MMIC Transceivers
>10 dBm, Conversion Gain
-100 dBc/Hz, 100KHz@77GHz
MMIC Oscillators
TLCO01981 ( TLC’s “O” Chip)Multi-func. MMIC Oscillator “O"
2-100GHz, >16 dBm@38GHz,
-90 dBc/Hz@100KHz@77GHz
TLCO03981Low Phase Noise Oscillator and X 3 Mult.24-40 GHz, >16 dBm, -110dbc/Hz @ 1MHz
TLCO04981MMIC Oscillator (ILO)25-27 GHz, >16dBm
TLCO05981SWWideband VCO w/ Vt > 4 GHz14-34 GHz, >16 dBm
TLCM01981Versatile MMIC Mixer
(Up and Down Converter)
16 - 44+ GHz
TLCM03981X-Band Wideband MMIC Mixer High IF input and output5 - 24 GHz 0.2 < IF < 10 Ghz
TLC-LPS32, LPS2040, LPS60,77,94Continuous Linear Phase shifters
(~300 radian continuous Linearity)
Narrow 28 to 100 GHz series,
Wideband 24 to 100 GHz
TLCPMLB01,02,03,04QPSK/BPSK Phase Modulator28-32,30-34,32-36,36-40 GHz
TLCM02981Complete Image Reject Mixer (Up and Down Converter)34 - 44+ GHz 0.2